Welcome to the Ferny Hills Progress Association Web Site


This site is no longer maintained

Our new site is FHPA.ORG.AU



If you live in the Ferny Hills area, are eligible to vote in the Ferny Grove electorate, and are willing to freely give some of your time to the community, please contact: secretary@fhpa.org.au



A sense of continuity is important for a community.  It gives a feeling of permanence, a knowledge of being a part of a development that has a significance beyond the immediate concerns of the present.

The FHPA is a group of local citizens who volunteer their time and effort to improve the area we live in.  We are a non-profit, non-political incorporated association.

The aims of the FHPA are:

  • to act as liaison between residents and official bodies concerned with the development of the area;
  • to raise funds for area improvement; and
  • to assist in development and progress of other community organizations in the area.